Waldorf salad


2 apples

1 large green salad

1 celery stalk

1 bowl of fresh white or black grapes /dried raisins

100 gr homemade mayonnaise or vegan mayonnaise

100 ml water

A handful of walnuts, roasted or not

Preparation :

Wash the salad, the apple, the grapes and the celery.

If you have dried raisins instead of the fresh grapes soak them 30 mn in water.

Drain and cut the salad.

Cut the apple in 2, remove the core, then cut thin strips of apples.

Put mayonnaise in a bowl and add the same amount of water to dilute it. Mix well.

Make the salad by putting the salad leaves first, then the apple strips, the grapes, the nuts and the celery.

Serve with mayonnaise sauce (Hellmann’s vegan mayonnaise used in the recipe).


Green salad and tomatoes


3 Tomatoes

1 Green salad



Asian salad Dressing (see recipe in the website)


Wash all the vegetables and herbs and dry delicately. Keep them separately.

Cut the tomatoes into small squares. Keep aside.

Chop the dill. Keep aside

Cut the green salad into thin strips about 1-1,5  cm wide

Mix with a salad spoon all the ingredients,

For decoration add the coriander leaves on the top.

Add the dressing