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Burger bun by Hala

Ingredients: 500 gr of flour 2 tablespoons of sugar 160 gr of yogurt 3 tbsp of powdered milk 1 ½ tbsp of dry yeast 1 tsp of salt 60 gr of olive oil 375 gr of warm water Preparation: Mix together the milk (37 deg cel) and the yeast, till it completely melts down. Add […]

Chocolate fondant

Here is the recipe of an easy and tasty chocolate cake fondant from Guy Martin triple star 🌟 Michelin from my favouriterestaurant le grand Vefour in Paris! Ingredients:150 gr of chocolate3 eggs150 gr of flour90 gr of sugar50 gr of butter1 tbsp unsweetened cacaoOne table spoon cold water Preparation: Mix sugar and eggs with a […]

Tuna Cake by stephanie

Ingredients150 gr flour1pack/11 gr of baking powder3 eggs300 gr tuna from tuna cans100 gr grated cheese (salted cheddar)Parsley and chives (chopped)100 ml milk100 ml olive oilSalt and pepper Preparation:Mix flour and baking powder in a bowlAdd eggs and whisk until smoothAdd milk, oil, salt and pepper. Stir well.Add tuna flakes and cheese. Mix well and […]

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