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Hi my name is Sylvie and I am a passionate baker.

I have been baking since I was 4 years old, with time I entered a business management school, then started in sales and marketing, but something had changed in my life I got married and followed my expat husband around the globe. Moscow, Warsaw, Bangkok, Kiev, Istanbul, were the places where I lived.

After coming in Bangkok in 2009, I started to bake for a Greek Restaurant “Olive” where I was doing catering, starters and desserts. In istanbul in 2015, I started to give baking classes for the IWI (International Women Istanbul) and Istanbul accueil (the French community). Since August 2018 I have been living with my family in Kuala Lumpur. My kids aged as of today 13 and 17, they are my number one testers and indeed very critical, so when I see a big smile and no time to speak because so good I know I got the recipe!

I did more than 120 cakes for the international day, running a school parents baking group and starting this week live video learning for middle school kids at ISKL. And so much more projects including videos on my youtube channel…

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