Cakes from Panthers

Anise biscuits by Galila


300 gr of flour 

1 cup sugar 250 gr

4 eggs

250 gr of sunflower oil

2 tsp baking powder

1tsp vinegar

Pinch of salt,

Vanilla extract

2 tbsp anise


Beat the eggs with sugar then add the oil +vinegar in the blender until it thickens

Add the flour and the dry ingredients (It might need a little bit more of flour but it’s a sticky dough so don’t add more than 1/4 cup)

Cover the tray with parchment paper and place the mixture on it (just like a bread loaf)

Bake it at 180c until fully baked.

Let it cool then cut into slices and bake again!

It is ready when it gets colored!!


Corn flakes cookies


1 egg
80 g of sugar
100 g of butter
100 g of flour
50 g of corn flakes
20 g of dry fruits or nuts
Take the oven tray out of the oven it must be cold !!!! Prior to start
heating the oven at 180 deg Celsius.
Soak the dry fruits in a bowl with warm water, or chopped the nuts.
Use the butter at room temperature for 1-2h prior to baking.
In a bowl beat the egg with the sugar, using a mixer or a whisk,then add
the butter, the flour and the dried fruits chopped if big or the nuts.
Mix all the ingredients will a spatula until a soft dough is obtained.
Make many balls with the dough of the size of a tablespoon, then pass it
in the corn flakes.
Place the cookies on the oven tray covered with a sheet of parchment
paper or silicone mat. Bake them in the preheated oven at 180 ° C for 12-
15 minutes. Let it coloured.
Remove from the oven, let them cool down and serve them on the table.
Serve them cold. You can keep them in a box for 5 days.
Enjoy it!