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6 eggs

75 gr of sugar

500 gr of mascarpone

20 ladyfingers

2 hot cup of strong coffee diluted with 2 tbsp of sugar

Cacao to spread on the top


Mix with a mixer eggs yolk and sugar till get whiter for 5-10 mn, add the mascarpone and mix again.

Keep aside.

Mix the egg white with a pinch of salt till firm.

Incorporate delicately the 2 eggs preparation together.

Dip the ladyfingers in the coffee (that has cooled down) place at the bottom of your dish to cover you dish (dish must be min 5 cm high on the sides)

Add 1/3 of the eggs preparation to cover the ladyfingers

Put another layer of ladyfingers dipped in coffee everytime.

Put 1/3 of the egg preparation to cover it again.

Place another last layer of lady’s finger dipped in the coffee. (If no more coffee make some more).

Finally cover it again with the rest of the preparation equalize the top.

At this stage I freeze specially when you are living in a hot country.

Take it out 1-2 hour before serving out of the freezer and sprinkle the cacao to cover the entire top.

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Lady fingers

Ingredients for 40 cookies:

5 egg yolks

125 g caster sugar

125 g of flour

125 g icing sugar (90 + 35)

8 egg whites or 1/4 liter (important!)

Equipment used : piping bag


Separate the eggs, Keep only 5 egg yolk and 8 egg white.

Mix the egg yolks with the sugar for 5 minutes.

Add the sifted flour and mix well.

Beat the egg whites until stiff. The weight of the egg white must be 250 gr. Halfway add 90 g icing sugar in 2 times.

Add 1/3 of this meringue preparation to the first preparation. Mix well with a whisk.

Add the remaining meringue and mix gently using a spatula. The batter obtained cannot wait, it must be used immediately.

Fill it in a piping bag. Place it on a baking sheet or parchment paper.

Sprinkle all the cookies with the remaining 35g icing sugar prior to baking them.

Put in a preheated oven at 180 ° C, for about 14 minutes.

Let them cool down, they can stay 4-5 days in a metal box, or airtight one.