Lemon turmeric chicken


Chicken filet 6

1 big Onion or celery

Olives (optional)

3 Carrots

1 Lemon and the zest of it

1-2 tbsp Turmeric

Honey (optional) or/and dry fruits optional (dry grapes…)

Coriander few leaves

Olive oil


Cut the chicken fillets into small 2,5 cm cubes. Place in a dish for marinating.

Add olive oil about 2 tablespoons or more if the chicken absorbs it quickly.

Pour the juice of a lemon as well as the lemon zest.

Add one to two tablespoons of Turmeric.

Leave to marinate for five good minutes.

Cut the carrots in half lengthwise then slice very thin by 2 mm slices. Start boiling them for 5 mn. Take them out of the water and keep aside.

Cut a large onion just into strips, 2 mm wide. Keep aside.

Prepare a cast iron saucepan; pour in it some olive oil color the onions when the oil is hot.

Add the marinated chicken; turn it to color it on all faces.

Now add water in the dish that served for the marinade and pour over the chicken in the cast iron saucepan.

Add olives and carrots.

Cover with water the entire chicken, turn on medium heat for 20 minutes the chicken must be covered by water and have a lid

When the chicken is cooked after 20 minutes add one to two tablespoons of sour cream or whipping cream, a tablespoon of cornstarch simmer and let cook for another five minutes the meat is ready to serve you can decorate it with fresh spinach leaves, pour over a little bit of honey and add coriander leaves and your chicken is ready!!

You can serve it with rice, pasta, quinoa…


Pearl barley salad

Pearl barley cooked in salted and boiling water for 10 mn, canned peas and avocado, with a dressing of French mustard and apple cider vinaiger and one spoon of olive oil!!