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Vanilla cream-Ile flottante


6 eggyolks

70 gr sugar

1 pack vanilla sugar or a 1 vanilla bean or vanilla extract 1 teaspoon

450 gr /ml half skimmed milk

½ teaspoon cornstarch (optional)

the island:

50 gr of sugar

1 pinch of salt

6 eggwhite

The caramel:

50 gr sugar

50 gr water

For decoration you can add shredded almonds

To make this recipe, start by preparing all the ingredients.

Cut the vanilla pod in half, lengthwise. And scrape its interior in order to extract the grains, just add a vanilla sugar pack or a teaspoon of vanilla extract

In a pastry bowl, seperate the egg yolks from the eggwhite, one by one.

Mix the sugar with the egg yolks (use a mixer) till whiter.

In a saucepan, pour the milk with vanilla to boil. 

When the milk is boiling pour it over the egg + sugar mixture , mix gently with a whisk.

 Put all back on the stove on medium heat

It must be stirred constantly during cooking for around 8 mn.

To do this, use a wooden spatula and stir, forming an 8 on the bottom of the pan. This will allow you to go everywhere and will prevent the cream from sticking at the bottom.

The cream id ready when it covers the spatula and you can see the wood when passing your finger on it. If you cook it for long the risk is the eggs coagulation.

Pass the cream through a strainer while the cream is still hot.

Let is cool down, keep refrigerated once cooler.

The islands:


Beat the 6 egg whites, add the sugar and continue to whisk to dissolve all the sugar. On a plate covered with stretch film, place 8 spoons of meringue.


Cook for 45 seconds in the microwave at 900 W, then set aside.

Everything is ready now you assemble the dessert. Pour the vanilla cream in a serving dish, add the meringue cooked in the microwave pour a bit of caramel on top of it.

For a harder caramel recipe just put less water, depends on your taste!!!

By Symphonie by Sylvie

A passionate baker, loving trying and sharing new recipes

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