Marble cake not to be missed!!


120 gr butter

120 gr Liquid fresh cream

200 gr cristal sugar

4 Eggs

220 grams Flour

1 pack Baking powder or 11 gr

100 gr Dark chocolate

1 teaspoon Vanilla flavor


Mix together in that order:
butter, liquid cream, sugar

Add 4 eggs, the flour and the baking powder in the previous preparation for about 30 seconds.
Share the batter into 2 dishes.

Put 100 gr of dark chocolate in a glass bowl and melt it 30 seconds by 30 seconds till it melt entirely.Whisk every time.

Pour 1/3 of the vanilla batter into the bottom of the mold and level it to cover it,
Add half the chocolate batter on top, leave it as it is do not equalise.
Add 1/3 of the vanilla batter
Add the second half of the chocolate batter on top, do not equalise, it will have a wavy look
Add the rest of the vanilla mixture again.
Put in the oven for 60 min at 170 ° C.

Check the cake with a knife, which should come out dry if you plant it in.
Wait till it cools down 😃

By Symphonie by Sylvie

A passionate baker, loving trying and sharing new recipes

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